What if You Could be a Radical Extremist for Good Rather than Evil?

We constantly hear in the media how our law enforcement agencies are on the look out for “extremist tendencies” and “radicalisation”.

And it’s fair enough. That’s what drives a suicide bomber isn’t it? Extremists are terrifying because they are willing to pay the ultimate price for what they believe. They’re dangerous. A threat to society.

And yet somehow people find it appealing. We hear about “disenfranchised youth” who are fed up with the meaningless of their lives, searching for something to pour their passion and energy into.

But is the solution to avoid extremism and radicalisation at all costs?

The problem with so-called extremists is not extremism itself. And it’s also not religion. It’s that their extremism is directed towards a false idea. An evil idea. An idea that is self-seeking and hateful at its core.

What I want to put to you is the dangerous idea that we don’t need less extremists. We need more. What if there was a form of extremism that did the opposite of terrorism? That spread love not hate?

There are extremists in our world who aren’t talked about much in the press. People willing to die for what they believe. People who have sacrificed everything and are willing to do whatever it takes. People who’s belief in a higher power makes them resolved to act out the will of that higher power at all costs.

What if there was an extremist movement that had goodness at its core? An extremist movement of radical love?

There is. It’s called being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Evil extremists give their lives to bring death and terror.
Jesus gave his life to bring life and hope.

Warning: This blog contains material that may lead people to become radicalised. At least that’s what I’m hoping…

I’m a busy person so this is going to be pretty low production value – I don’t have much time for careful word-smithing and editing. There are plenty of good resources out there if you want to read something more polished on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and I’ll refer you to those as we go. But here’s my goal: I want to show you that you can be an extremist without being a terrorist. It’s dangerous. People will hate you for it. But it’s fulfilling. It’s exciting. It’s so worth it.

Where we’re headed: Passion without compromise.

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